Meó-Succlythian languages

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The Meó-Hsuqliht language family is a major Pavala language family. It contains many languages, including the important Meó and historical Ancient Hsuqliht language (and the modern descendants of the Hsuqliht language), as well as several dozen minority languages.

Proto Meo-Hsuqliht is the reconstructed ancestor of the Meó-Hsuqliht languages. Its theorised homeland is the mountain chain situated between the Yot River basin and Miru River basin, and indeed today this is where the highest diversity within the family resides. The language's verbs were heavily inflected for subject, object, indirect object, tense, aspect, and mood, and nouns declined for at least 8 cases.

Family Structure (draft)

  • Proto Meó-Hsuqliht
    • Hsuqlihtic languages
      • Ancient Hsuqliht
        • Classical Hsuqliht
          • South Hsuqliht
          • Central Hsuqliht
        • North Hsuqliht
      • Kantaqu languages
    • Meó-Laghuic
      • Meóic
        • Ancient Meó
          • Classical Meó
            • Modern Meó Dialects
              • Standard Meó
        • Gwan Meóic
      • Laghuic languages
    • Ateyigaic Languages
    • Puloatic Languages