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  • ==Unuvun Rain==
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  • ...ened for almost a millenium until most of them were forced southwards into Unuvun by the Htaevic peoples. ...they began to appreciate the abundant rain, water and massive redwoods in Unuvun. This led them to develop elaborate rituals surrounding canals, rice paddie
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  • ...ars. Outside influences such as Nokhta, the Khydeans, the Meó peoples, and Unuvun have additionally had a large impact on its history. The region has long be ...majority of the green-haired Raiwlawbiwmtë fled the islands and settled in Unuvun, largely displacing the native Konod people and leading to the ethnogenesis
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  • ...the Meó basin, while the green-haired inhabitants migrated southwards into Unuvun and displaced the native Konod people. ...c people, and originally had a suite of generic gods for concepts like the rain, sun, wind, etc. They worshipped these gods by building '''wzeliwhacans''',
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