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Chèla is the name given to the religious beliefs practiced by the Meó. It is largely derived from various indigenous beliefs of elemental worship, animism, and belief in a pantheon of gods and goddesses (derived from the Htaevic religion), underneath one God/life force (Kanea), which has no corporeal form. The religion is highly syncretic and diverse, blending traditions of the Htaevic's religious practices with the Hsuqliht's Herlucc religion and philosophies, both of which have had and continue to have a major presence within the religion and culture of the Meó. Due to its diverse and syncretic nature, exact numbers are hard to obtain, but it is generally accepted that among ethnic Meó, an overwhelming majority adheres to the religion.

The Elements

A core belief of the religion is elemental worship. In modern times, it was recognised that the four elements correspond to states of matter.

Categories A Mako A Khe A Miru A Yahkoi
Representative Mako Haki Miru River Yakei
Form of life or Existence Terrestrial Aerial Aquatic Sapient life, The Elder Beings of Haki
Realm Natural Grounds Sky Water Stars
Element Earth Air Water Fire

  • A Yahkoi
Fire, lightning, sapience. Fire is considered sapient in the religion, due to its ability to spread upwards. Traditionally, lightning is considered a form of fire ("cold fire").
Yakei is considered sapient due to being able to move across the sky.

The Creator God

There is a belief in a creator God/life force that has always existed and permeates everything in the universe. Throughout the years this God has been identified with the concept of Kanea.


There are many gods/goddesses, largely imported from the Htaevic pantheon.

Creation of the Meó people

The Miru river (Water) eroded some clay (Earth) and washed it ashore. This clay was beaten with winds (Air) from Haki and formed a creature. This creature gained sapience after Yakei gifted it fire (Fire) and the fire became part of the creature. This was the first Meó.


"GOD" (borrows a lot from Herlucc concepts of Kanea in modern Cziela)

The elements/their gods.

Htaevic pantheon