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Cziela [tʂɻɪˈelɐ] is the name given to the religion practiced by the Meó. It is either derived from the ancient Herlucc religion, or from a common ancestor of the two. Either way, the Herlucc religion and philosophies have a major presence within the religion and culture of the Meó.

Five Constituents (Achyau)

A core belief of the Chziela religion is that everything in the universe is composed of one of five states of matter or "constituents", those five states being Wood, Metal, Air, Water, and Fire. Each of these elements has a 'representative' that are each considered sacred within the religion.

Categories Amako Akya Akhe Amiru Aahko
Representative Mako The Wheel Haki Miru River Ahko Tree
Form of life or Existence Terrestrial Manmade Animate Things Aerial Aquatic Sapient, Fire itself
Realm Natural Grounds Manmade Grounds, cursed or infertile lands Sky Aquatic environments Stars
Element Wood Metal Air Water Fire

(Note that Áhko's element is not wood as the Ahko Tree is not in fact a true tree, and is much more like a grass, and does not produce wood, it is fire as the tree is highly flammable and can explode on occasion.)

Fire also includes lightning, electricity, magic, and magnets.

Wood and metal are misnomers - wood describes any type of solid from which life can flourish, and metal is sterile earth/rocks/metal. They are both of earth, with the main distinction being that wood is fertile but not sterile, and metal is sterile and infertile.

Metal requires human manipulation to have life (movement of the wheel is 'life'), which is why its realm is manmade animate things.

Cziela beliefs stipulate that everything has a balance of all five constituents within them, even if one is only present at an infinitely small concentration.