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The Grand Republic of Zandaera
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Zandaera, officially known as The Grand Republic of Zandaera is a major world power primarily located within the southeastern portion of Ivinis. It is the current leader of the newly formed Organization of Praenokhto, comprised of Nokhtaeic nations that inhabit the Ivinisi continent. Neighboring nations include its historic rival and partner Linyen, the floral union of Maeflara, and the formerly-buffer state of Zaphae.

The current Grand President is Miheln Asana.

Zandaera became an independent republic during the mid-97th century, as a result of Rokhtaera relinquishing its control over southern Praenokhto thanks to their loss in the Flurry of the Free wars. It would soon become the leader in the Praenokhto Convention of 9,700, where most of the nations of Praenokhto agreed to launch an attack on their motherlands of Nokhta in 15 years. This culminated in the Nokhtaeic Great War and the rising star of Madam Khailisa, a mixed Nokhtaeic-Unuvuni warrior who claimed to have harnessed the power of both Pavala and Haki combined. Eventually, however, the invasion was repulsed and disagreements between Praenohktoic nations led to a collapse of the convention, with Linyen, the only major Praenohktoic nation to not have contributed to the invasion, soon becoming hostile and leading to the Azure's War.



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The Great Exploration

Nokhtaeic Great War

Modern age

The Organization of Praenokhto was founded.




Major Cities


Population: 244,486,157

Continent - Ivinis