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Megurú was a ruthless ruler of the <name for dynasty kingdom thing> who ascended to the throne by cannibalism, by eating Princess Savanla. He had 68 children with his 12 wives, however only Prince Vahkètto was eligible for the throne. He was widely hated throughout the nation for his despotic reign and frequent bouts of cannibalism, including to his own children. This resulted in the Meó Imperial Court expressly outlawing cannibalism amongst the royal class, as it was a loophole in the laws that meant he was able to get away with it in the first place.

Some of his policies including the banning of acting, writing fiction, singing, music, and art as he perceived these "To be the utmost decrepit and putrid forms of lying that one can possibly aspire to, one's foremost notion shall be their devotion to The Three Great Principles that this blessèd nation was born on; The Truth, The God of the Cosmic Aether Kachívi, and The King. All these forms of treachery amount to little more than treason against the Three Greats within the borders of this serene land".

These policies were extremely heavily questioned by the people of Meó, as Megurú was an advocate of murder, cannibalism, arson, and witchcraft - which he held were activities only the royal class were allowed to perform.

After his death, Prince Vahkètto tried to distance himself as much as possible - to the point of declaring that Megurú was not his real father and that instead he had been conceived from divine conception from a droplet of water that rained down from Haki into the sacred site that Megurú and Akirâna (his mother) had consummated at.