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Prince Vahkètto [vɐ̄xˈkʲèt.tʊ̄] was the first prince of the Kahlà Dynasty. He is known for greatly impacting Meó society and being one of the most revered Princes in the history of the empire, and for technically committing regicide and cannibalism, thus starting the War of the Crab Prince. His father, Megurú, better known by his epithet Kobiéiyâ-koverú (meaning "The Cannibal King"), ascended to the throne by murdering and eating ruling monarch Princess Savanla. Savanla was just 21 bienniums of age at the time, and he was 46. As she had no remaining family and no heirs, by default it was assumed that Megurú would take the throne, as he was the only one that "possessed royal flesh". He was a ruthless monarch, and widely hated within the nation. Shortly after he had taken the throne, he had 68 children with his twelve wives. Vahkètto was the only one deemed eligible to be heir, however, as he was the only child born in one of the Holy Sites of Meó, a requirement for one to become regent. His 67 siblings all gained somewhat important titles, however several were murdered and eaten by Megurú.