Amalthea Meteorological Collaboration

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Meteorologists at the Amalthea Meteorological Collaboration (AMC) produce forecasts and issue warnings for regions within countries which are members of the AMC. Each forecast office is responsible for a warning region covering the surrounding area.

Available on the AMC website are point and probabilistic forecasts within each warning region, severe weather, fire weather, and winter weather outlooks for Amalthea, the Serkr Archipelago, and Northern Ihyai, as well as tropical weather outlooks and tropical cyclone advisory products issued by the Amalthean Cyclone Center in Saelunavvk, Solea for the North Uqe cyclone basin and the Southern Provinces Tropical Prediction Center in Latuŋi, Vintu for the South Uqe cyclone basin.

Special Centers

  • hq - Auspikitan, Auspikitan
  • severe weather center - Saelunavvk, Solea
  • Amalthean Cyclone Center - Saelunavvk, Solea
  • high seas marine weather center - Auspikitan, Auspikitan
  • Southern Provinces Tropical Prediction Center - Latuŋi, Vintu
  • polar research center - Sanasate, Larhan (idk)