Ganuoan Plate

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The Ganuoan Plate is a tectonic plate moving westwards into the east of the main super-continent. It is moving away from Amalthea and slowly subducting the Hac Sea underneath it as well as the region Hac of the Pavalan super-continent, creating "hac tibet". It contains the two largest islands in the world, Masiuna and Ekenta, although these only are islands due to the high sea levels of Pavala's current interglacial period.

The rift between Ganuo and Amalthea has been growing over millions of years, and now extends deep into the Pavalan super-continent, separating Házélé, Delezia, and Tepua from each other. It initiated approximately 40 million years ago, completing Ganuo's separation around 30 million years ago.