History of Idiba

A Tjedian by the name of Chrimbo Idiba is the first person to sight the continent of Idiba. He finds strange wildlife there, six legged mammalian creatures. Some of them, scabos, are very horselike and can be used as mounts to Surpass Kiyas or something like that. He brings some of them back, and the rest is history; the countries of Amaio use these scabos to wage war against the Naborsi client states in central Pangaea, expanding their holdings and starting the golden imperial era of Amaio.

Some Dotrugans who practice the religion of Mugil, which is vaguely related to Hakiism but not really, are persecuted anyways by Dotruga. They decide to cross the ocean and live in Idiba, creating small settlements. They develop their own form of Otximo that is still played to this day in the new world.

An ideology kind of like communism is invented in Idiba by Klabo Ah Sabay. He noticed the terrible working conditions in the Idiban factories, which had brought in specialized Unuvi factory managers to help industrialize the continent. He said, this isn't right. And nailed his 22 paragraphs of communism to a local town hall. So, this spreads like wildfire across the continent, but the Dotrugan Overlords are understandably very angry, and they say, no you can't have communism. So then there is a long civil war in Idiba between the workers and the government. Eventually, large parts of the world begin to take sides. The Unuvi side with the Dotrugan government, but parts of Ivinis and Ganuo decide to side with the workers. A huge proxy war starts. The workers, backed by Ganuo and other parts of Ivinis, successfully kick the Dotrugans and Unuvi out, because the Unuvi were distracted because they were also fighting the First Windward War at the same time. This new nation, called Enkorgo, is a republic ruled by a Satsun. They try communism or you know, some weird form of socialism, but like, not the weird form we got on Earth in the Soviet Union. Their form works a little better I guess and they manage to kind of exist probably upwards through the present day. And their ideology kind of spreads, and is responsible for some of the tension present in the second, third and fourth windward wars.

slave fed to man eating shark on way to ivinis, causing slave revolt on ship and mutiny resulting in killing of slave owners and redirection of the ship towards idiba to establish a free colony