History of Kareŋ

Auspikitan uses its religion in order to sort of have these Princes or whatever exercise control over much of the Kareŋ region. This keeps the Ganuoese out, and keeps Kareŋ mostly in the Auspik sphere of influence.

Traditionally, in Kareŋ there can be polyamorous marriages and stuff of that sort. There is a ceremony where a person is blindfolded and uses a device on everyone attending the wedding; the idea is that the device will detect 'weakness in the heart', that is, the person who the device responds to the most is the person who loves you the most and is the person you're trying to marry. This device is used traditionally to make sure you marry the right person. This device is applies to the cheek for traditional reasons.

They have some sort of native religion that involves stones and laying them out in special patterns. The different Kareŋi tribes meet once a sometime and have a series of competitions based off their nomadic traditions (kinda like the Olympics). The winner traditionally recieves a bunch of livestock and a sense of pride and accomplishment, and some prestige I guess. One time there was a bunch of bees swarming the traditional meeting site where they host the championship, and this interfered with the competition. Some competitors got stung by so many bees they died. This left a terrible impression, and the location was moved to somewhere more exciting - aka, near the city of Óznkí. A filmmaker, using the new technology of cameras, was married to a Lavaank woman. They came back to the Lavaank woman's ancestral homeland of Kolák in order to document it with his new camera technology. But they happened to run into the traditional championship. Some kid happens to be doing homework and is like, hey, can I paint my math homework on your chest before you go compete in your traditional competition. And they do. So then this Unuvi guy sees this dude with numbers painted on his chest win the oral recitation competition. He is so inspired by the sight that he decides to record the rest of the traditional championship. And then it becomes a big thing in the Nautical Peace.

At some point, there is some sort of religious revival spearheaded by Ganuoese interests to create unrest in Kareŋ. Maybe some of the princes are removed from power or killed. Anyways, now there's conflict between Ganuoese and Auspik interests in Kareŋ. This creates instability, and lots of people (esp. those of the native religion, as they are persecuted by Auspik interests) move away to other parts of the world, such as Lavaank and Idiba.