History of Meó

Htàsei, The homeland and stronghold of Meó, occupied by the Meó for over 8000 years


Five Tribes

During 6000 Y With the introduction of the religion of Siela, the Salinke, the Kuana, the Malo, the Sati, and the Varisti united to become one, the Confederation of the River Meó. The five tribes each have their homeland on one of the different rivers of the Htàsei basin.

The Agricultural Revolution

Shortly after unification, came the first agricultural revolution with the invention of the wheel (6200 Y by the Succlythians?), as it spread to the basin from the east. This event is very important to Meó history and identity and the wheel is revered throughout the basin and beyond. Akiá [ɑkjɑː] is the deity of the wheel (from "kia" wheel and "a-", the deity prefix). It is during this period that the Meó Numerical System is invented, although it would be more than a millenium before writing was invented. Sometime between 6200-7300 a bunch of Sati/Varisti cross through modern day Meota to go east and they establish some towns there on the Yot river.

Under the Haki Republic

7300s the first Meó writings appear after the Haki republic is writing things and Meó is like wait i wanna do that too. So it does. Also cultural influence or whatever the upper class is Haki republicans maybe. Also parts of modern day provinces of Salinke, Kuana, Sati, Varisti are now all Meó.

The First Meó Empire

Once having established a firm grip on the basin, Meó expanded its horizons and went on to conquer the Shattered Islands and the dominate the Malaeze Sea. They take a lot of stuff in the 8500s.

The War of the Prince Crab (9,349-9,358 Y)

Prince Vahkètto [vaˈxkéːtːɵ], establisher of the Kahlà Dynasty, attempted to visit Prince Suakasui of Rvàshen in order to expand his diplomatic power to the south of the Malaeze Sea and attempt to increase the legitimacy to his claim of the Shattered Islands. Unfortunately, he achieved the exact opposite, by unknowingly eating the crown prince crab Azu. The irony of this was not lost on him, as Vahkètto's own father had cannibalised in order to achieve his position on the throne of Meó. The result of this diplomatic skirmish was the start of a 9 years long war between Meó and the Unuvi princedoms, with millions of deaths. Meó also tries to take over the valley to the west or something.

The Discovery & Colonisation of the New World

Meó is hungry.

The Industrial Revolution

Meó discovers the power of coal and fun things and suddenly transforms into the Sichuan basin.

Space Age

Rocket time.