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Raiwlawism likely has some roots in Tebua, where it may have interacted with Edetan Mythology. This is most prominently seen in its creation story, which has many parallel themes with the Edetan creation story. At some point, it was picked up by some of the earliest descendants of the green and purple haired Raiwlawbiwmtë. It is unknown where the Raiwlawbiwmtë people came from, but at some point they migrated near the western slopes of Tebua and converted to this oral tradition. After they were forced westwards, they migrated all the way until the Shattered Islands and created many new oral tales of heroism and sacrifice along the way. From there, the oral tradition deepened for almost a millenium until most of them were forced southwards into Unuvun by the Htaevic peoples.

As more than a hundred thousand Raiwlawbiwmtë were rapidly displaced into rainy Unuvun, they had trouble adapting their agriculture, architecture and dress to the new land. They began desperately worshiping the sun god and the rice paddy god in order to make it through the cold, the rain, and the many famines that swept through the early Raiwlawbiwmtë settlements. As the people gradually settled into the new island over the decades, life calmed down and they began to appreciate the abundant rain, water and massive redwoods in Unuvun. This led them to develop elaborate rituals surrounding canals, rice paddies and burning tree leaves. But the early yearning for the sun had left its mark and to this day, the sun god remains vitally important in Raiwlawism.

God hierarchy

The All-Creating Snake

The All-Creating Snake, also known as the Snake Father, was the divine being who was tricked by the Armadillo Twins into creating the universe. After the Snake Father created the universe, the devious Armadillo Twins escaped into it and began to play with one another. This enraged the Snake Father, who cast off ten thousand eyes in order to try and locate the Armadillo Twins. These would become the stars in the night sky. However, the Armadillo Twins curled up and hid from the closest eye, Yakei.

The Armadillo Twins

The Armadillo Twins, representing Pavala and Haki, remained tighly curled up for centuries. However, Haki became very sad at remaining curled up for this long. So she cried and cried, until eventually her tears gave birth to Greeble, the water mother. Soon, Pavala began to cry as well and both planets became filled rich with water. Greeble was resting in a hot spring one day when she was approached by Rsên Glup, one of Yakei's wind angels. Rsên Glup confronted Greeble and asked her where Pavala and Haki were. Instead of answering, they made love and created the first plants and animals. Infuriated, Yakei sent streaks of fire to Haki in attempt to punish Rsên Glup and destroy the new lifeforms. But among the new lifeforms were the first humans, who with their cunning were able to extinguish the fires and gain control over the technology.

Diety overview

Diety Type Description
Rsên Tseii Yakei (sun) Energy flows from Yakei into the plants, the wind, the skin and the eyes.
Greeble Water