Sophoratigh Extraction

The Sophoratigh Extraction was the covert rescue of an entire physics department and their close relatives from the Tri-National Dominion near the end of the Lysteriokan Civil War. At the time, Sophoratigh University had one of the world's leading physics departments, comparable to those found in Meó and Ganuo. After falling under Quad-National Dominion control, university activities were suspended and several of the nuclear physicists, prominent Ethanthovan sympathizers, were put on indefinite leave. The Nautical Peace's government had been keeping a close eye on atomic research activies in Meó and were afraid that, should Meó find a way to develop the atomic bomb before them, then they might be forced to relinquish control over the Shattered Islands as a whole and that even Unuvun itself may be put at risk.

As widespread anti-Ethanthovan sentiment began to flare in the Quad-National Dominion, a large group of revolutionaries assisted by the government began a manhunt for Ethanthovan-sympathizing intellectuals. Many of Sophoratigh's physics department staff were forced to go into hiding, first at a sweatshop and then later at the Unuvunese embassy. But as political refugees flooded into the Unuvunese embassy, the complex was soon surrounded by populist QND forces. The Unuvunese had long maintained a presence in Sophoratigh and because of that, their embassy contained a large courtyard. It became clear that there was no way to evacuate the refugees via land, so the surrounded embassy staff and refugees worked together to clear the courtyard of trees in order to turn it into a makeshift runway. Several hundred miles away in [edeto tibetian territory], Unuvunese engineers began working on retrofitting biplanes in order to allow them to land inside of the courtyard. Twelve days later, the first biplane landed, having been shot at by the surrounding QND citizens. Over the next twelve hours, all 83 embassy occupants had been evacuated to the nearby Unuvunese-controlled port city of Sik Sa'en.

The nuclear physicists were welcomed with open arms into Unuvun, where they began working with the Unuvunese and the Rokhtaerans on the covert atomic bomb project.