The drawing board


The Industrialization of Ethanthova

Ethanthova pulls a Meiji Restoration and industrializes really quickly while the surrounding lands such as the TND and eastern Edeto are being eaten up by the Nautical Peace and Ganuo.

Spread of logograms

Htaevic logograms spread throughout the southern rim and are commonly used in the Shattered Islands, Unuvun and parts of Edeto and the rift valley.

The moving mini-Hakis

Two to four small moons in orbit around Pavala and Haki, similar to how Pluto's extended moon system behaves.

Nalaa's Religion

Something something Nalaa and Gagos, expelled from Pavala to Haki, get back to Haki and/or the Hakians worship Pavalans idk

Unuvi Aesthetic -> emperor machine -> weird pacific northwest / japan mashup -> grassy clouds, howl's moving castle -> pacific northwest voodoo thing -> the FIRE OWL -> ghibli space opera -> striking colors east asian mythology -> striking colors megacity -> bet -> niagara fall japanesey thingy -> conversation pit -> half suit

The veterans' pact

Veterans of some war near the Delezian-Hazele border sign a pact: they will refuse to fight each other if a conflict should break out. Because their leaders are proxies for some other power and have chosen to fracture their homeland. They lay down their arms and seek a peaceful reunification of their homeland.