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Things to do

Fertile Tongue / Htaevic



  • Fertile Tongue. Coin more Fertile Tongue words
  • Classical Htaevic. Make characters for all the Htaevic words - Fiah and Swonx need to collaborate on this. Use the Google Drive?
  • List of places in the Htaevic Empire. Coin lots of Htaevic place names. These will be recycled as we move forward in history (like imagine you're worldbuilding the Roman empire and name this small backwater settlement Londinium, then keep worldbuilding and realize... wait this actually turns out to be one of the world's most influential cities, haha).
  • List of person names in the Htaevic Empire. Coin lots of Htaevic people names. These will be recycled too!


  • Code a simple gravity simulator to simulate the moons of Pavala and Haki.
  • Figure out the whole moons of Pavala and Haki thing.


  • Get rid of all references to eight-legged creatures. We will only have six-legged and four-legged creatures.
  • Brainstorm alternatives to boring white rice in Unuvun.


  • Image editor that takes in elevation maps and lets you simply raise and lower elevation. Should be a much more efficient workflow than doing it contour-wise or doing it in greyscale then converting.

Erosion simulator

1. Sebastian Lague, as usual, has a nice overview with a link to a useful paper.

2. Is it possible to generate "stacked" noise that approximates different rock layers? To make the simulation more interesting.

Hi, the guy from the mentioned paper here, I actually did implement this. It is briefly mentioned in section 5.2 in the paper. What I experimented with was multiple layers of terrain, basically just a stack of heightmaps, each with a different hardness. When the top layer had 0 material left, I started to erode the next layer and so on. but deposited sediment always got put in the top most layer, which was very soft as to represent sand. That way hard rock also got turned to sand , kind of. I also tried to implement it based on 3D noise. With just a 2D noise map I did not really like the results, it was too obvious and unnatural. But this needs a lot of parameter tweaking to get nice results. In the end my time ran out to finish the paper, so I didn't experiment with it anymore.


The Industrialization of Ethanthova. Ethanthova pulls a Meiji Restoration and industrializes really quickly while the surrounding lands such as the TND and eastern Edeto are being eaten up by the Nautical Peace and Ganuo.

The Veterans' Pact. Veterans of some war near the Delezian-Hazele border sign a pact: they will refuse to fight each other if a conflict should break out. Because their leaders are proxies for some other power and have chosen to fracture their homeland. They lay down their arms and seek a peaceful reunification of their homeland.

False start industrial revolution

Maybe caused by a huge asteroid impact? Or volcanic winter / just plain bad weather?

Alternatively: Kingdom A owns most of the coal reserves, and Kingdom B is trying to industrialize. Kingdom A refuses to sell its coal to Kingdom B, so the industrialization fizzles out.

i'm leaning in the direction of having central pangaean nomads come in and absolutely wreck the industrial equipment / society now

Huge asteroid impact

We should have a few of these on Pavala. They can spawn their own mythologies.

The Gaucalchyë Assault

Unuvi Master Ships modified specially to carry four advanced fighter jets each. After conflict breaks out on Haki, ten ships are sent, reaching Haki in just over a day and ending the aerial demilitarization of Haki as forty fighter jets are delivered and obliterate the enemy lines.


Unuvun -> emperor machine -> weird pacific northwest / japan mashup -> grassy clouds, howl's moving castle -> pacific northwest voodoo thing -> the FIRE OWL -> ghibli space opera -> striking colors east asian mythology -> striking colors megacity -> bet -> niagara fall japanesey thingy -> conversation pit -> half suit