Transportation in the Nautical Peace

Transportation in the Nautical Peace is facilitated by road, air, railways, water and space. Travel between the major cities of the Nautical Peace is dominated by rail for short trips and dominated by aircraft for longer distance. Major cities less than a few hundred kilometers away from each other are often linked by high speed rail or maglev trains that run at upwards of 500 km/h. Extensive government subsidies maintain a small fleet of SSTO spacecraft that can cross the entirety of Pavala-based Nautical Peace in under an hour, though high ticket costs compel the vast majority of travellers to fly on either subsonic or supersonic jets. Cargo bound to Haki generally travels via space elevator to the Top of Ivinis and then is launched towards Haki through ablative shielding techniques or propulsion to the Haki Gateway, while humans bound to Haki generally travel via commercialized reusable rocketry or private SSTO.