The Racheinu Chihyu ward of Yuuvei

Yuuvei, officially the Metropolitan State of Yuune and Zhavei, is the capital and largest metropolitan region of the Nautical Peace with more than 59 million inhabitants. The metropolis is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Pavala, with its most ancient buildings dating back to 7,000 Y. Located on the Imperial Plain, it is shielded from harsh circumpolar wind and water currents by the Steaming Mountains. Nevertheless, it experiences torrential amounts of rainfall during the year, earning it the nickname Petrichor City. The city has been the political center of Unuvun for many thousands of years, and has long dominated the economy, culture, and transportation around the island due to its central location.

The ward of Zhavei houses the imperial throne and parliament, while the imperial court is located in Ifa on the shore of the Pacific Lake. Also located on the Pacific Lake is Yuune, whose Lakeside Row has long been synonymous with Unuvunese banking. In recent decades, Lucky Cat has become the center of the Unuvunese tech sector thanks to the wealth of universities nearby. On the northern end of the metropolis, along the shore of the Midland Sea, lies the special city of Bitter Side which handles much of the sea trade of the metropolis, as well as being one of the Nautical Peace's major biotech centers.


58 Latter Station

Rail lines Yuuvei

Early History

Railway opens from Coin Town to Father's Forest

Railway extended to Smallbird Mine, and infill station opened at Rice Storage.

Railway renamed to Coin Town Line, Riverside Line added and four stations opened along the route. Coin Town Line extended northwards to Imperial Palace.

Riverside Line extended northwards to Imperial Palace. Green Princess Line opened with 4 new stations. West Coin Town station opened on the Coin Town line.

Blackwheel Transit opens the short Ponds line, connecting at Riverside.

Blackwheel Transit extends the Ponds line to Old Greenhouse, and opens the Peaches line to West Peaches. The express North-South Line is opened.

National Transit opens the A Line from Believer's Gate to East Imperial Palace, and the B line running from 33rd Lodge. Blackwheel Peaches line extended to Electric Town. Valley Line opened between Electric Town and Coin Town. Lucky Cat Railways opens its first line between Lucky Cat and Imperial Octagon.

Lucky Cat line extended to Past-the-moat, and station added where it intersects with the Green Princess line. Valley line extended to Blue Lake to provide transfers to Green Princess Line. Blackwheel Transport opens the Cataracts line.


Population: 59,800,000

Continent: Delezia

Country: Nautical Peace