Nokhto-Htaevic languages

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The Nokhto-Htaevic languages are a large language family with billions of speakers across Pavala, mostly concentrated in southern Delezia as well as Ivinis.

Unuvi is one of the most widespread Nokhto-Htaevic languages, with over 700 million native speakers due to its position as the lingua franca of the Nautical Peace.

All Nokhto-Htaevic languages are descendants of a single prehistoric language known as the Fertile Tongue, which originated somewhere near present-day Succlythia and spread southwards and westwards between 4,500 and 6,500 Y. One of the most famous Nokhto-Htaevic languages, the Htaevic language, was spoken in the Htaevic Empire and acted as a lingua franca in southern Delezia for centuries.