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Aahrus, officially the Imperial Metropolitan State of Aahrus, is a global trading city and the most populous city of the Nautical Peace north of the equator with more than 5 million people. Located two degrees north of the equator and less than three degrees from the Antihaki, Aahrus is the site of the Nautical Peace's space elevator operations and the city has become metonymical with the Peace's space elevator industry as a whole. Aahrus is a major financial, transportation, research and high-tech center of the Peace. As one of the Peace's several designated imperial states, it enjoys numerous privileges including more legislative freedom, special grants from the imperial government, as well as integration with the prestigious Imperial University system.

Though it is informally referred to as a city, Aahrus is in fact a metropolitan state that is subdivided into 34 wards, with the capital being the Ward of Aahrus. The metropolitan area of Greater Aahrus bleeds out past the borders of the state and into the neighboring state of Rovne, anchored by the Rovne capital of Zhijann which lies further up the Larulei River from Aahrus.


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