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<<a funny highly populous nation that used to be based on china but is now more like a hybrid india-indonesia with chinese characteristics. it has mostly always existed like china and persia but its power has waxed and waned over the centuries, currently its power is on the decline relative to the rest of the world, but steady with respect to its own local region. it was mostly unaffected by the first three world wars but participated heavily in the fourth and suffered greatly for it.>>

<<at some point earlier in its history (perhaps even near in time to prehistory?) it was taken over and ruled by people from the north, descendants of the proto-rifts-ganuoans, who then ruled a "dynasty">> which encompassed most of the islands of the sea, the west coast of Ekenta, the Paraesu' strip, and most of Masiuna. This was the first time that the sea was an integral part of the main power of the Ganuo region. <<invention and use of writing should predate the arrival of the rifts-ganuoans>>

<<sea also needs a name>>

Paraesu' (east coast)

Masiuna (north)

Ekenta (south)


The Twenty Kings Period lasts from 8400Y to 8700Y. Many different relatively stable kingdoms exist at this time on Ekenta. Masiuna is generally a wreck for most of this period, with several short-lived dynasties conquering most of the island, along with longer periods with coexisting fighting states.


The Dzorngae Dynasty (modern tsorogae) lasts from 8680Y to 8940Y. It conquers the entirety of the modern region of Ganuo, and enters Hac and conquers the eastern shore of the Hac Sea.

During and after its collapse, there existed separate states on Masiuna and Ekenta from about 8900Y to 8990Y, before a civil war struck the Masiuna nation, cleaving off much of the peninsula into an independent state. Many Masiunans at this time migrated away from Masiuna to both Ekenta and northern Edeto. Those that went to Edeto mostly assimilated with the existing culture.

There was then a long, great war between the Ekentan state and the main Masiunan state, between 9010Y and 9020Y, with the Ekentan state winning, becoming the Rakdzaire Dynasty (modern ra'tsaeate).


The Rakdzaire Dynasty grows to become even more powerful than any preceding dynasty, controlling not only all of Ekenta, Masiuna and <<the ganuoan sea>>, but also the mainland coast southwards, including far north Edeto. It lasts from roughly 9020Y until 9490Y. <<during this period, the knowledge of navigating with the moon(s) and stars should reach the ganuoans from the serkr people, allowing ganuoans to explore the far side of pavala.>> The Rakdzaire also gain absolute naval dominance in the rifts, becoming able to control who goes in and out of Hac, except from the south. The trading cities with Amaltheans should become much more populous and numerous during this period, especially in the latter half of the era. Permanent settlements on the island chains in the Egun and Honepetka seas are also made around 9100Y.

Great Ganuoan Empire


Population: Population::1,605,204,510

Continent - Continent::Házélé