Lelia, officially the Republic of Lelia, is a nation situated in the northwest of Ivinis. Lelia is a fairly safe nation with a high standard of living, and its tourism sector and cultural exportation have made it widely known across the world. Founded during the Blinking Years, Lelia is primarily made up of Hakiist immigrants from Nokhta, though the southwestern state of Hitaya has a significant Mimuri plurality, with the Mimuri overall making up 19% of the Lelian population. A significant portion of Lelia's inhabitants are agnostic, however due to Lelia's location close to the Antihaki Point, it maintains a Hakiist plurality.

The capital of Lelia, Hen, has a population of 7.4 million and is one of the major cities in Hidden Ivinis. It has a thriving film industry. Lelia is a largely urban nation, with many choosing to live in one of the six metropolitan areas that together hold 85% of the population; they are linked by high speed rail, and the remaining jungle is largely devoted to eco-tourism as well as some logging and farming. The Hidden Ivinis Space Treaty allows Lelia to launch rockets eastwards over the jungles of Kimik and Fawiza, which has allowed it to maintain a thriving space industry based out of Kakeibal Cove.

Lelia's national animal is the Leliasolenvii, a 12 meter long carnivorous asolenvii that roams the jungle preserves of the nation and is frequently featured in many Lelian films.