Exploration of Ivinis

Fiah's timeline draft:

  • 9,245 -- Eztanokh discovered
  • 9,250 -- Ivinis discovered
  • 9,270 -- True extent of Ivinis becomes known
  • 9,290 -- First colonies on Ivinis
  • 9,375 -- First Unuvi colonies on Ivinis
  • 9,423 -- Birth of Hakiism
  • 9,440 -- begining of Hakiist mass emigration to Ivinis

Blinking Years (9,600's to 9,653)

The Blinking Years was a period of time during which there was little legal rule over Hidden Ivinis, the portion of the continent that lies to the north and to the west of the Ivini Sea. It represents the culmination of both Hakiist fervor in Praenokhto and of local autonomy in the early years of the Nautical Peace.


It is a metaphor for the Eye of Haki being umable to 'see' the immoral transgressions that occured in Hidden Ivinis during this era.