Hlazetha Meó
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Meó (Officially Hlazetha Meó [ˈɬā.zʲē.t̪ʰɐ̄ mʲēˈó] "The Meó Empire") is a nation on the southern tip of Delezia. It is approximately three and a half million square kilometres in size. It lies to the north of the Shattered Islands and Unuvun, and to the east of Nokhta. It is a major world power and is home to hundreds of millions of people.

A popular sport, and the national sport of the nation is Kuandi Yavi.

Participation in the Windward wars

Meó motivations for participation in the Windward wars were generally for resources, to "liberate" the ethnic Meó communities in the Shattered Islands, and to restore the Htaevic Empire, which it saw itself as the rightful heir to.



Many languages are spoken within the empire, but the two most important, and sole national official languages are Standard Meó and Modern Standard Htaevic. Both are written using the Hlunliw logography.


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The Meó constitution enshrines the right to minimal adequate housing for all its citizens - the baseline is provided at no cost by the state. Such is defined as:

  • At least one room with space for a bed/futon
  • A bathroom containing a shower & toilet
  • A kitchen sink containing potable water & an adequately sized basin
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Stove/oven
  • Access to electricity, heating (including stove/oven if applicable), cooling, potable water, hot water, sewerage, and adequate ventilation. (All utilities provided on a quota basis)

Besides area for beds/futons (which is determined by number of individuals), the services are defined by households, not by individual (i.e. a household of 5 is entitled to one shower/toilet, as is a household of 1).

Further appliances or rooms may be rented/bought from the private sector.

Recently there has been discussion on whether the constitution should be amended to include Internet as a right.


Population: 456,243,601

Continent - Delezia