The Empire of Nabors is a large desert empire located in northern Delezia. Its capital Va, established around 4,400 Y, is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities and most populous, with over 29 million people. Most of Nabors' 430 million people live along the Ättak and Zeld rivers which run through the Great northern desert. Nabors has long been a center of trade, religion and technology. Since antiquity, land trade routes between Ganuo in the east and Nokhta and Amaio in the west have run through Nabors. The religious center of Rih Jyu in the south of Nabors is generally considered to be the birthplace of Nishidoh. Additionally, Nabors is the birthplace of rocketry and Migh Spaceport was the launch site of Zamild I, the first manned mission to space. Nabors also cooperated with the Nautical Peace on the Fury Program, which led to the development of the Master Ship and with it the mass-commercialization of space.