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The Offworld Development Fund (ODF) is an international financial institution that provides loans, grants and prize money to governments, private companies and individuals for the purpose of advancing offworld colonization efforts on Haki, the three moons, and beyond. With an annual budget of nearly $100 billion, the ODF makes up approximately 5% of all annual space-related spending.

In 10050 Y, the ODF awarded Sponge! and Boltway to Space $40 billion each in prize monies for transporting a combined 100,000 new settlers from Pavala to Haki, at an average combined rate of 15 rocket launches per day. The ODF also granted a $60 billion loan to the Dotrugan government for the establishment of Lumbago Colony as well as access to ODF rocket technology.

More about the players

Nautical Peace

The Nautical Peace is one of the ODF's primary backers, and members of the ODF can apply for exclusive access to Unuvunese assets including satellite constellations, offworld land rights, rocketry, and space-related patents. The Nautical Peace funnels approximately $40 billion a year into the Offworld Development Fund.


Sponge! is an Unuvunese private company specializing in rocketry. Decades ago, Sponge! was one of several Haki Initiative companies contracted by the Nautical Peace to develop a reusable rocket capable of flying between Pavala and Haki. Ever since, Sponge! has been one of the largest Unuvunese rocket manufacturers, producing on average more than 10 rockets per week. The founder of Sponge! became the first trillionaire after he managed to establish one of the first self-sustaining colonies on Haki. Sponge! is a semi-nationalized component of the Nautical Peace, which believes that the corporation is near the end of its life cycle and should become integrated into its massive bureaucracy. In exchange, the Nautical Peace has pledged to fund the next generation of private space companies with the goal of establishing large-scale raw material supply chains in high Pavala and Haki orbit.

Boltway to Space

Boltway to Space, formerly known as Boltway Superheavy Industries, is one of the largest private space companies and the Ethanthovan analogue to Sponge!. After the split of Ethanthova and the TND during the second civil war, the two captains-of-industry Rondal Brothers split as well; Marnell Rondal stayed in the Tri-National Dominion to grow Shedinge Ultraheavy Industries, while Lowish Rondal emigrated to Ethanthova and founded Boltway Industries. These two corporations would then engage in a bloody competitive feud as they sought to carve out dominance in the space launch market. The explosion of Shedinge Ultraheavy Industry's atomic rocket proved to be a major setback, and allowed then-named Boltway Superheavy Industries to become the primary launcher for most of Edeto and even large parts of the Hac basin. Today, Boltway to Space works in collaboration with the Ethanthovan government to establish a foothold onHaki.