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The Strawberry 5, S-5, or as it is officially known (Unuvi: Kamei Hvàvichahye-5 Kizhakea, lit. Kamei Strawberry-5 Commercial Spaceplane), is a 20 seat sibling crosser developed in the Nautical Peace by Kamei Ultraheavy Industries. It was the first member of the Strawberry family made commercially available and remains the most widespread sibling crosser of all time.

The Strawberry-5 was a major factor in the plummet of intersibling transport costs, and is celebrated as the 'spaceplane that began the era of mass spaceflight'. Five years after the introduction of the Strawberry-5, the price of one-way tickets to Haki had been decimated from $200,000 to $20,000. It is fully resuable and, much more than other early spaceplane designs, is uniquely easy to repair with common tools and materials. It also holds the record for safest sibling crosser of all time, holding the only perfect eight star safety rating.