1-500 Y

Beginning of agriculture.

5,000-5,500 Y

Civilization did not arise until around this era. It was around this time that ancient Egypt arose. Writing also developed in Egypt, India and Mesopotamia at this time.

5,501-6,000 Y

6,001-6,500 Y

The Okan Confederacy was formed during this period. After a successful campaign led by Okan tribal leader Akanis Vangfelir, other tribes in the region agreed to establish a Confederacy under one Uneka, or emblem. This was in hopes to repel, or at least hinder, outside armies from invading.

Oldesia has a very vivid vision in his sleep that transforms the way he sees the world.

Leyet Masonya commences the third major seige on Arbona. Enemy forces crumble from the overwhelming assault.

Tumhiat Panseok develops a standardized writing system for the Dotrugan language. Tximo Vangfelir is fond of the proposed writing system and adopts it into law.

Oldesia gains a small following and forms a new cult based on his visions from the past years. He names his new religion Mugila, which roughly translates into “The Transcendence.”

Akanis Vangfelir passes away and his son, Amundi, becomes the new Tximo.

A monument is erected to commemorate Akanis Vangfelir and his historic reign.

6,501-7,000 Y

It was around this time that writing developed in China.

7,001-7,500 Y

7,501-8,000 Y

This is one of the earliest eras of 'modern' history. Think the rise of Rome, and early civilizations in India and China. 500-1 BC.

8,001-8,500 Y

This is one of the early eras of 'modern' history. Think the height and fall of Rome. Roughly 1-500 AD.

8,501-9,000 Y

This is one of the middle eras of antiquated history. Think of the spread of Islam. Roughly 500-1000 AD.

9,001-9,500 Y

This is one of the later eras of antiquated history. Think medieval Europe. Roughly 1000-1500 AD.

9,501-10,000 Y

It is in this era that most of Pavala's technological explosion took place. Roughly 1500-2000 AD. Note: don't go beyond 1900 AD for now.


The Kahákpi began colonizing Lavaank.

The Éndan Revival of 9,671.