Pavala has diverse cuisine cultures, influenced by religion and ecology. This page contains some of the most popular and staple dishes from the world's various cultures.



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Cheese is widely enjoyed on Pavala.

Ganuoan cuisine

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Makes use of sugo, ketae, various still unnamed others.

Unuvi cuisine

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A plam advertisement

Plams are a cross between a banana and an orange; the succulent, sweet part grows in columns inside a banana-like structure, but when peeled more closely resembles an orange with compartmentalized, disc-like pieces that are generally sweet but with a slight tinge of citrus.


The kìchui is a vegetable that is used to create kìchuiseti ('seti'), the paste which is the backbone of Unuvi cuisine. It is significantly sweeter than miso paste. It is often combined with fusave in a stew.


Fusave, also known as Unuvi Rice, is a type of cereal crop that is native to Unuvun.


Rice bread flavored with plams.

Meó Cuisine

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