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The Rokhtaeran Imperium
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Rokhtaera, officially known as Rokhtaeran Imperium or informally just as the Imperium, is a major world power primarily located within the southern portion of Nokhta, on the western fringes of Delezia. It is the primary leader of the closely-aligned Commonwealth of Nokhta, comprised of nations in and around the Nokhtaeic Subcontinent, and has been a driving force in the plan of unification under one banner. To the north of the country include the neighboring nations of Imirius and Sovnka, and to the east is the hectic land of Khydea. Towards the southeast is the multicultural nation of Lapesa? and the Nautical Peace, its historic rival. Rokhtaera is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, with its capital Sosena centered around the Ruby River.

The royal family who currently rules the country is the Vendius dynasty, with Empress Yana II sitting on the throne since 9,999? Y. However, as the monarchy has no voice in politics and is merely a cultural significance thanks to the Quiet Revolution in 9,677 Y, the government is actually led by Orderly Minister Akaona Maeya.

Rokhtaera was the successor state that arose from the ashes during the collapse of Idetka in the mid-94th century, due to multiple failures and conflicts that arose. The rise to greater power, however, occurred during the Nokhtaeic Great War, when the combined forces of the majority of Praenokhto launched a massive invasion from the sea during 9,715-9,725 Y. While the countries of Nokhta lost to their former colonial holdings, being under the control of Madam Khailisa of Praenokhto, eventually Empress Hanamoni led an attack against them and won during the following Reconquest of Nokhta only a few years later. Aided by some Khydea clans, a historic threat to the subcontinent, this was a successful victory and led to a blossoming of Nokhtaeic culture. Despite this, conflicts between fellow Nokhtaeic nations continued, albeit at smaller scales.


The name Rokhtaera stems from the Narunaeic language, which roughly translates to Heavenly Power. Linguistic experts today speculate that this may be a borrowed word from an ancient Unuvi language, but no definite leads have been found.


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Southern Nokhtaeic civilizations

The earliest recorded history within southern Nokhta was a city-state known as Heralia, around 3000 Y(?).

Golden Imperial Suites

The Golden Imperial Suites were the Nokhtaeic empires that controlled the entirety of the Atrekhor Sea, the sea between the Tail of Nokhta and the southwestern coast of the Khydean Plateau, for over a millennium. Starting with the Royekha Empire, in which they first conquered the southern Atrekhorian coast in 8,100 Y, successive empires followed suit of the practice of controlling the Atrekhor Sea. The Golden Imperial Suites included the empires of:

  • Royekha (8,007–8,332 Y) (325 years)
  • Ozonte (8,360-8,513 Y) (153 years)
  • Denetiks (8,634-8,830 Y) (206 years)
  • Narami (8,839-9,028 Y) (189 years)
  • Idetka (9,029-9,339 Y) (310 years)

The long gap between the Ozonte Empire and the Denetiks Empire is considered to be called the Khydean Impetus Age, where various Khydean clans in the Southern Khydean Plateau launched an assault across the decaying Ozonte Empire. As a result, it greatly fractured the political landscape of southern Nokhta and soon came under the control of the Khydeans, becoming the first time in history where much of the Ruby River Basin was controlled by non-Nokhtaeic parties. In the year 8,523, the Empire of Entani was founded by the Heavenly Overlord of Khydea, Imbo the Wondrous, alongside the Ruby River in Larian, twenty kilometers away from the present-day city of Sosena.

Founding and the Great Exploration

After the collapse of the great Idetka empire due to their ultimate defeat in keeping control over Unuvun and separatist troubles within their own borders, the nation of Rokhtaera was birthed around the Ruby River, being officially declared in the year 9,340. Its founder was the Queen Elida, a descendant of the first Golden Imperial family, who was supported by her loyal generals Deliana Endaya and Ihano Ryqestra. The Tarnishing Disaster wars ended by 9,350 Y, with Rokhtaera conquering the vast majority of the Ruby River basin and numerous areas around it.

The Crusades of the Hakiist

The spread of Hakiism threatened order in regions within southern Nokhta, with Rokhtaera being no exception. With disorder being commonplace in many ports due to the scramble to the anti-Haki, in the 95th century, Empress Namini ordered the Port City of Khanqori to be held as an exclusion zone for Hakiists, promising free and safe trips to Ivinis. However, this would lead to the Khanqori Massacre due to rising unrest and an incident where an Unuvuni named Owul murdered an entire Rokhtaeran naval crew and stole their ship under the Hakiist banner, resulting in an estimated 50,000 civilian deaths.

Nokhtaeic Great War and Imperial Rise

The Nokhtaeic Great War was preceded by various troubles brewing in western Nokhta, with reports of several Praenokhtoic fleets docking in the country of Emaria in the year 9,714. This culminated in war as Madam Khailisa barreled deep within western Nokhta; within a year, large parts of the subcontinent fell under Praenokhtoic control, threatening the security of Rokhtaera. In an act of desperation, Empress Hanamoni traveled deep into Khydean lands to the Heavenly Overlord, Kayade, who oversaw much of the entire Khydean plateau, in search of support.

With the Heavenly Overlord's grace, the western clans of Khydea supported the Rokhtaerans in ensuring the Praenokhto coalition would be repelled from the Ruby River Basin, and ultimately recapture the west and southern parts of the Nokhtaeic subcontinent.

After the end of the Great War, Rokhtaera firmly established its position as the great power of southern Nokhta, annexing the lands of most of modern-day K'tonisa and Pizano, as well as cementing their control over Ivile.

The Symphony

War happened.

Modern age

The Commonwealth of Nokhta was founded.




Major Cities


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