List of islands by area


Island's name Area
Country or countries
North Ganuo 1,770,000 Ganuo
South Ganuo 1,530,000 Ganuo
Lavaank 710,000 Various
Seira 670,000 Various
Bongatar 390,000 Bongatar
Idiba Main 370,000 Various
North Nokhta 340,000 Various
North Ivinis 310,000 Nauticalflag.png Nautical Peace, Flag Default.png Evelia
Eztanokh 160,000 Flag Default.png Eztanokh
Unuvun 160,000 Nauticalflag.png Nautical Peace
Haenia Main 120,000 Flag Default.png Haenia


List of islands by area (Wikipedia)