Windward War IV

Windward War IV

Operation Teapot - Moth.jpg

Atomic bombing of Èkattès, a large city on the Nautical Peace-Zandaera border.

12 latter 9,957 — 45 former 9.958 Y
Meó phyrric victory


Rokhtaera, the Nautical Peace and others
Meó, the Quad-National Dominion and Zandaera

Commanders and leaders

Nauticalflag.png Fihano Nuke-A-Lot

DotrugaFlag.png Gen. Paul Sausage

Flag Default.png Naru DXXIII
Flag Default.png CTO of Sexism

Meoflag.PNG Soinkot' Phlyi Flag Nabors.png Exotic Naborsi Dude's Son

Flag Default.png Corrupted Darvince

Commanders and leaders

Military dead:
Over 3,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 8,000,000
Military dead:
Over 2,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 20,000,000

The stalemate that had lasted the previous eight bienniums broke when, on 12 latter 9,957, the Meó-Zandæra alliance launched invasions in both Delezia and Ivinis. Pressured by their gradually dwindling oil deposits in the face of blockades by the Delezian Alliance, Meó overwhelmed Unuvunese forces at the Salinke border and rushed to recure the Tráá oil fields. Burning the oil fields to the ground as they retreated, the Unuvunese retreated to their defensive perimeters around Engalem and began launching mass aerial bombardments against Meó throughout the Shattered Islands.

Meanwhile, Khydean forces were aided by Rokhtaeran supplies as they sought to take back their ancestral plateau from Meó, who had conquered the region during Windward War III. In the east, the Unuvunese ferried supplies to the Kuana Free State as they sought to defend their capital, Yot-kann, against renewed Meó aerial bombardment. In Ivinis, Zandæra launched a massive aerial invasion of the Nautical Peace, and in retaliation Linyen declared war on Zandæra and began the Liberation of Megipa. With the Nautical Peace's military spread thin on multiple fronts, it was unable to make progress into either Zandæra or Meó and could only hope to try and stall both invasions while Rokhtaera pushed into northern Nokhta to subjugate Meó-backed Sovnka and Imirius.

Meó forces gradually overwhelmed the Unuvunese army in Salinke, with only the port cities of Theki and Eunqa remaining under Unuvunese control. In a desperate attempt to keep their foothold in Salinke, on 2 former 9,958 the Nautical Peace launched Operation Boil the Crab, dropping twelve atomic weapons on Meó targets throughout the Shattered Islands, with three being intercepted and another one failing to detonate. From 9:58AM to 11:35AM, the 8 successful detonations caused an estimated 2.7 million casualties people across Htaevic Rouge and stalled Meó advancement. The Nautical Peace then began to push back in Salinke and Kuana, however on 5 former Meó dropped four atomic weapons in Salinke, and on 7 former Meó dropped another 3 in Salinke, 7 in Kuana and 2 in the Khydean Shogunate, causing over 5 million casualties.

Atomic weapons had been secretly transferred to Sovnka by Meó during the armistice, and on 8 former Sovnka detonated 4 atomic bombs near the border with Rokhtaera. An additional atomic bomb that had been covertly transported to Naera exploded in the harbor and temporarily crippled Rokhtaeran naval forces in the region. On the same day, Zandæra detonated 5 atomic bombs in the city of Daifihanoshai, causing 3.9 million casualties and devestating Unuvunese supply lines in Ivinis. The Nautical Peace retaliated by launching 4 atomic bombs deep into Zandaera using their experimental missile program, killing Generalissimo Liyassen and many other top members of the Zandæran oligarchy. They launched an additional two missiles at the Meó capital Aesanma, however both missiles missed their target and detonated in rice fields outside of the city. On 9 former, Rokhtaera retaliated against Sovnka by dropping 9 atomic bombs across the nation, 8 of which detonated successfully, obliterating the nation and causing its descent into lawless anarchy.

On 10 former, over 10,000 aircraft took to the skies over the Shattered Islands as Meó sought to do yet another bombing run over Unuvi forces. A total of 17 atomic weapons were detonated over the Shattered Islands, causing over 7 million casualties. Widespread outcry in Meó, the Nautical Peace, and Rokhtaera led to ceasefire on 13 former 9,958 and the signing of the Concert of Delezia four weeks later on 45 former 9,958. In total, 67 atomic weapons were detonated over the span of 8 days, causing an estimated 28 million casualties.