The Symphony

The Symphony, also known as the Four Windward Wars, was a turbulent period that began in 9,889 at the Naera Technological Exposition with the assassination of Emperor Fihano and ended in 9,970 with the signing of the Concert of Delezia.

Windward War I

After the assassination of Emperor Fihano by Linyenian student Retaliz Hawina, Rokhtaera and the Nautial Peace issued a joint declaration of war on the nation of Linyen. Zandaera aligns itself with Linyen, and Mæflara declares its neutrality, but joins the Delezian Alliance after being invaded by Zandaera. Lasting only a few short years, it ends with the ceding of large portions of southwestern Linyen to the alliance, as well as the creation of the Zaphæ buffer state between Zandaera and Veiivinis.

First interwar period

A fierce arms race developed, as the Eastern Pact vowed to never again be humiliated by the Delezian Alliance.

Windward War II

Windward War II, also known as the Crimson Monsoon, was the longest of the four Windward Wars. Lasting a brutal 6 years, the Delezian Alliance was forced to dig into the ground to defend against a dual declaration of war by both the Eastern Pact and the Meó Empire. It is estiamted that a combined 18 million people combined died on the Ivini and Delezian fronts of the war, with little territory exchanging hands by the time the armistice was signed.

Second interwar period

Another fierce arms race began, as the two sides of the war sought to develop new technologies that would make trench warfare obsolete. Lysteriokan Civil War.

Windward War III

The development of tanks and airplanes during the eight year interwar period by both sides led to a fast-paced, deadly conflict in Ivinis and Delezia.

Windward War III

Iraq-m1 abrams.jpg

Forces from Rokhtaera cross the border into Meó during the Exorcism of the Imperial Ghost.

69 latter 9,945 — 132 former 9,952 Y
Five Corners victory


Five Corners
Hakiist Crusaders

Commanders and leaders

Nauticalflag.png Fihano Placeholder

Meoflag.PNG Soinkot' Phlyi DotrugaFlag.png Gen. Paul Sausage

Flag Default.png Naru DXXIII
Flag Default.png CEO of Racism

Flag Nabors.png Exotic Naborsi Dude

Flag Default.png Darvince

Commanders and leaders

Military dead:
Over 14,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 30,000,000
Military dead:
Over 16,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 25,000,000

Third interwar period

Everyone developed nuclear weapons and they were excited to try them out. Nobody really knew how horrible the devestation would be.

Windward War IV

Main article: Windward War IV

Windward War IV was the final and costliest war of the Symphony. On 9,958/68 Y, the Nautical Peace dropped an atomic bomb on the Holy Temple of Hakiism, obliterating the immediate area and causing over 200,000 casualties, as well as destroying the world's largest wooden statue of Biplatza Sagpawej.

Post-war period